.~(u W u)~.

August 2020

FLICKR: .~(u W u)~.

These noface cats are so cute <(O w O)>


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

SKIN – ODIO *Jennie Skin Gacha RARE2 Tone2. Available in Flora Event.
EYEBROWS – Parfait. *E-Girl Eyebrows (BOM). It has 4 styles and Eyebrow Shape is included!
EYELASHES – Mukado *Casual Lashes (Genus/Lelutka). Exclusive item for Girl Power Event.
GLASSES – Cinnamon Cocaine *Lydia Sunglasses (Imperial). Exclusive item for MIIX Event.
CHOKER – ENRAGE *Po Choker. Available in Project Desolation Event.
PIERCING – PUNCH *Dermal Piercing-Heart. This item is available for the Shady Seasonal Hunt. A simwide hunt at Shady Valley ♥
BACKDROP – .Paleto. *Refuge Backdrop.

~ WIP SL Event is still ongoing! Grab these items:

LIPSTICK – GOREGLAM *Mirrorball HD Lipgloss (Genus/Lelutka).
SHOES – *Cordewa* *Tropical Sandals.

~ Items that are available at the Anthem Event:

OUTFIT & BAG – UNA *Nazuna Outfit. The dress comes with a bag!
PLUSHIES – Dope+Mercy *No Face Cat Gacha. **The No Face Cat in Hand is available for the Manly Weekend. Grab it at Mainstore: Dope+Mercy.

**Special Thanks**

HAIR – Barberyumyum *L14 Hair. This lovely hair is available as well at Anthem Event.
EYES – Psycho Pills *Shattered Glass Eyes (Catwa/Mesh/Genus/Lelutka). They have good skin appliers for Lelutka as well!


July 2020


Blessed are the heretics, for they shall be eaten last.

Blessed are the followers, for they shall be eaten first.

Blessed are the living, for they shall be consumed.


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・


EYES – .Sweetly. *Suzy Eyes (BOM/Lelutka/ Omega). Available at MIIX Event.
EYEBROWS – Momoiro//Yami *Minori Eyebrow – Knife Both. Available in Harajuku Event.
FACE TATTOO & BLUSH – MOMIRAI *Lock on Veins – with Blush.
FACE ACCESSORY – Ananas/Mui *Electrified – Devil. Available in Shiny Shabby.
POSE – Kokoro Poses *Alien Orb 01 – Unisex. Orb included. Exclusive for Project Desolation Event.

~ Don’t forget to visit the OUTRE Event and grab these items:

EYESHADOW – Lilithium Shadows Vol. VII.

BODY TATTOO – Quert *DianAe Unisex Tattoo (BOM/Maitreya/Belleza/Signature).

HEAD – Genus *Baby Face W001
SKIN – Mudskin *Aoi Skin
HAIR – MIWAS * Kiki Hair
EARS – .Random.Matter. *Iseul Ears – Human
CHOKER – Mudskin *Pearl Choker
CLOAK – PFC *Elven Cloak


EYES – parfait. *Vani Eyes (BOM/Catwa/M4/M3/Kemono).
BODY TATTOO – [TAKE IT – EZ] *Thiefssy Tattoo (BOM/Maitreya/Omega/Belleza/Signature/Legacy). Face Tattoo is only applicable for BOM and Omega Applier.
EARRINGS – Nexus Palku *Cigarette Earrings. Grab it at OUTRE Event.
ARMS ACCESSORY – UNA *Levi Bandage Arms.

HEAD – Genus *Baby Face W001
SKIN – Mudskin *Bora Skin
EYE BLUSH – Just Magnetized *Eye Blush 03
HAIR – Tram *J0616 Hair
EARS – .Random.Matter. *Junee Ears – Human


EYELASHES – CAZIMI *Starlet Lashes (Lelutka/Omega).
LIPSTICK – Euphorie *Ruby Lipstick. Available in MIIX Event.
OUTFIT – UNA *Nazuna Outfit. Grab it at Kinky Event.
POSE – OMY *Scarlet Pose. Available in MIIX Event.

EYE MAKE-UP – NORUSH *Infinity Makeup (BOM/OMEGA). Available in OUTRE Event.

LINGERIE – Mon Cheri *Soraya Bikini.
NAILS – e.marie// *Mix & Match: Coffin Nails


BACKDROP – Pitaya *What we Left Backdrop. Exclusive item for Project Desolation Event.
DECOR – Pitaya *Fashion Gothic Set (LED Crosses).
Von Noir *Gone to Hell. Exclusive item for Project Desolation Event.

.No Regrets.

July 2020

FLICKR: .No Regrets.

Have fun. Regret nothing, and don’t let people bring you down.

~ I use Palette Skins on this post.


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

SKIN – Palette *Emma Skin (Lelutka/Genus/BOM). Includes Eyeliner, Shape & Beauty Marks (Tintable Freckles & Moles). This skin is compatible with Spicy Body *V3 (BOM) . Skin is available at WIP SL Event.
OUTFIT – KitCat *Hello Summer Gacha. Food (holdable and decor) is included in the gacha. Available in The Epiphany Event.

HEAD – Genus *Baby Face W001
HAIR – VCO *Carol 01 Berry Common Hair

EARS – Cheezu *Bona Mesh Ears
RINGS – [ kunst ] *Hazel Rings
SOCKS – [Vale Koer} *Thermal Socks
SHOES – Semller *Canvas Hi Tops Nice Kicks (Pink)

SKIN – Palette *Hara Skin (Lelutka/Genus/BOM). Includes Eyeliner, Shape & Beauty Marks (Tintable Freckles & Moles). Skin is compatible with Spicy Body *V3 (BOM) . Available in SaNarae Event.
OUTFIT – UNA *Courtney Outfit. Exclusive item for Equal10 .

HEAD – Genus *Classic Face W002
HAIR – VCO * Carol 02 RARE
EARS – {Buing} *Multiverse Ears
SHOES – Reign * Espadrilles Flats Closed Toe

FOOD (Nuggets) – KitCat *Dino Nuggies. Nuggies and Sauce come in pack, alongside another item! Nuggets are bento animated to be edible, eating sounds also happen when taking a bite out of the nugget. You can still grab it in SaNarae Event until July 17th.
PLUSHIES – ANDORE *Mushroom Family Gacha.

SNACKS – .Random.Matter. *Snack Haul
BACKDROP – Unicorn *Garden of Books


July 2020

FLICKR: .Burnin’.

If I’m your salvation, welcome to hell.


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

SKIN – ODIO *Nana Skin Tone2 – ULTRARARE Gacha (Genus/BOM). RARE Skins comes with Blush, Lipstick, Eyeliner and Eyeshadow. Exclusive item for The Kawaii Project.
EYELASHES & EYEBROWS – Revoul *Pressure Babiana Collection.
EYES – Revoul *CyberVibiana Collection.
EARS – ANDORE *Octopus Mesh Ears. Available in Man Cave Event .
EARRINGS – ANDORE *Mysty Earrings. Grab it in Flourish Sales Event .
PLUSHIES – ANDORE *Cute Gacha Demons. Exclusive item for Level Event .
OUTFIT – UNA *Nova Dress. Exclusive item for Kinky Event .
HEAD ACCESSORY – Dreamcatcher *Demon Horns V2 (Updated).
TATTOO – TAKE IT -EZ *Body Tattoo.

~ These items are available in WIP SL Event :

NAILS – Stunner Originals *Bento Nails Mesh Ballerina Long Liberty.
BACKDROP – The Bearded Guy *Storm Fight Backdrop Gacha – Hell Door (RARE).

HEAD – Genus *Classic Face W002
HAIR – Stealthic *Endless Hair
LIPSTICK – Izzie’s *Bloody Lip
RINGS – [ kunst ] *Hazel Rings
CHOKER – Kibitz *Tattoo Choker: Heart Lock (Gift)
WINGS – Sweet Thing. *Demon Wings
PROPS – Loki *Skull Head

.Pizza Delivery.

June 2020

Ary: You have to pay me, Ms. That’s not for free.

Mako: nom*nom* Bye!

~ Thank you again Mako for taking the picture with me.
~ The background in the picture was taken in Oishii Neko Cafe. The cafe is so kawaii and so dreamy. It is a must, to visit this place. The owner Dolly is so approachable and very nice as well :3 Thanks Dolly ❤

Here is the taxi for the cafe: Oishii Neko Cafe

—————————- ❤

・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

SKIN – ODIO *Miso Skin Gacha Tone2 (Genus/BOM). Available at Equal10 Event.
LIPSTICK – Alchemist SL *Lip Ice Watermelon
EARS – ANDORE *Fucking Cupid Mesh Ears.
MAKEUP – CAZIMI *Cruel Summer Eyeshadow and Blush. Available at 80’s Theme Event
OUTFIT – UNA *Sivir Outfit. In collaboration with another creator Blackjack. Includes Sun visor, Sneakers & Pizza Bag. Available at Equal10 Event.

—————————- ❤
HEAD – Genus *BabyFace W001
HAIR – barberyumyum *S08
CHOKER – M.birdie *I Luv Julie Choker
RINGS – Candy Crunchers *Moon Bento Rings
SOCKS – Semller x Hiemal *Default Socks

.Love Wins.

June 2020

Flickr: .Love Wins.

As WIP SL Event is already opened its doors for shoppers, let’s celebrate as well as this month is for our LGBTQ friends. Happy Pride Month people 😀

~ Thank you Mako for taking picture with me. Kindly follow her on Flickr.

—————————- ❤

・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

TOP & BAG – UNA *Vania Top & Rainbow Purse. Available in Anthem Event .
EARS – ANDORE *Pride Mesh Ears
NAILS – CAZIMI *Karma Mesh Nails
FACE TATTOO – Nabang *Fearless Face Tattoo [Pride Gift].
FULL BODY TATTOO – TAKE IT -EZ *Gen 90’s Tattoo.
PROPS – Yokai * My Little Fox Gacha. Grab it in Kustom9 Event .
POSE – Kokoro Poses *Minori Pose
*SHAPE – [MA-Ri LUXX] *Moune Shape (Mako’s Shape).

***Grab these items at WIP SL Event:

LIPSTICK – GO MAKEUP *Go Hued HD Lipstick (Catwa & Genus Applier)
GLASSES – SDesign’s Jewellery *Raven Tiny Mesh Glasses
COLLAR – Poison Rouge *Diavolo Collar Rustic

—————————- ❤

HEAD – Genus *BabyFace W0001
SKIN – Amitomo *Skin Gacha 11. Available at SaNarae Event.
HAIR – Wasabi *Victoria Mesh Hair Blonde
PATCHES – Cheezu *Rumi Patch Gift at Flora Event .
SKIRT – Evani *Madison Skirt Black
SHOES – Versov *Cortov Limited White
SOCKS – [Vale Koer] *Thermal Socks
BACKDROP – K&S *Love is Love Backdrop.

—————————- ❤

Mako’s OOTD:

SHAPE – [MA-Ri LUXX] *Moune Shape
HAIR – Yomi *Four hair
OUTFIT – Altair *Queen Top / Hoshino skirt [maitreya]
SHOES – Semller *Triceratop Platforms Pride
TATTOO – TAKE IT -EZ Gen 90’s Tattoo.

POSE – Kokoro Poses Minori Pose.
BACKDROP – K&S *Love is Love Backdrop.

—————————- ❤


May 2020

Also known as a Chinese hopping vampire or hopping zombie, is a type of reanimated corpse in Chinese legends and folklore. The characters for “jiangshi” are read geung-si in Cantonese, cương thi in Vietnamese, gangsi in Korean, and kyonshī in Japanese.

—————————- ❤

・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

ODIO *Loopy Gacha Skin Tone2.
UNA *Levi Gacha Set Outfit. Hat and Bandages included. Available at The Arcade Event on 1st of June SL time.
ANDORE *Jary Head Accessory
[Moonphase] *Faceless Bathtokens.

—————————- ❤

HEAD – Genus *BabyFace W0001
HAIR – [YOMI] *Gigi Hair (Group Gift)


May 2020

Let’s see what you’ve got.

.•♫•♬•SONG •♬•♫•.

————————— ❤


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

EYESHADOW – CAZIMI *Venus Eyeshadow
LIPSTICK – Alchemist SL *Lip Fudge Choco
EARS – ANDORE *Trinket Mesh Ears [PRO]
EARRINGS – koii *Quincy Earrings. Available at Harajuku Event.
NECKLACE – koii *Honnou chain collar
OUTFIT & GLOVES – UNA/SJ *Iby Outfit. This is a collaboration with another creator Bronte Denja. Available at Equal10 Event
TATTOO – TAKE IT -EZ *Sagittarius The Centaur Tattoo. Follow the TAKE IT -EZ FLICKR & TAKE IT -EZ FB PAGE

—————————- ❤

HEAD – Genus *Baby Face
SKIN – Glam Affair *Letitia Skin
EYELASHES – more more *genus eyelashes 02
HAIR – barberyumyum *S06 hair A type
Socks – Haro *Open Toe Socks
Shoes – Haro *Diesel Boots. Available at Engine Room Event
PISTOL – [BAD UNICORN] *Shhhilenced Pistol
BACKDROP – .Paleto. *Paranoia Backdrop

—————————- ❤


May 2020

Yas, Princess Merida from Brave. She’s not the most popular Disney Princess but I love how fierce and simple she is.

.•♫•♬•SONG •♬•♫•.
—————————- ❤

・゚🎀 Featuring: 🎀゚・

SKIN – ODIO *Loopy Skin Gacha. Available at The Kawaii Project.
EYELINER – Avoixs *Cozzy Liner (Genus & BOM Applier).
POSE – Kokoro Poses *Herta Bento Poses.
OUTFIT – UNA *Ophelia Dress

Ota-con SL is still open! These are the items I got from the event:

LIPSTICK – Bossie *Blossom Lipstick
HEAD ACCESSORY – +Dreamcatcher+ *Quinella Halo.
DECOR – [Moonphase] *Dosojin & FireDemon.

—————————- ❤

HEAD – Genus *Baby Face
HAIR – Stealthic *Somber (Reds)
EYES – AviGlam *Galaxy Eyes
EYELASHES – moremore *Eyelash Set 2
Lamp – Pukki *Druid Lamp
—————————- ❤


April 2020

So, this is my first time doing a cyber-themed picture. I was inspired by the game Honkai. Yas, and my fave valkyrie is Seelie! LOL! Anyway, thanks for all your support xD <3.

————————— ❤


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

SKIN – ODIO *Doha Skin.
EYES – Guhit Tattoos *Dante Eyes.
BLUSH – Avoixs *Pastel Blush (OMEGA & BOM Applier).
EYESHADOWS – Piscot Beauty *Party is Over Eyeshadow & Glitter
OUTFIT – UNA *Yeyu Outfit. Available at Kinky Event.
TATTOO – TAKE IT -EZ *Earthicity Tattoo (OMEGA & BOM Applier). Follow their TAKE IT -EZ FLICKR & TAKE IT -EZ FB PAGE
—————————- ❤

HEAD – Genus *Baby Face
HAIR – Nino *Sooji Hair 02
EYELASHES – Evermore * Retsuko Eyelashes
ARMS, SHOES & ACCESSORIES – Luas *Cyber Bunny Gacha

—————————- ❤