.Dark Souls.

September 2020

FLICKR: .Dark Souls.

The solemn respite of lighting bony pyres, mends the cursed faith of linking fading fires.


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・


MASK – | TANAKA | *Oni (Andromeda). Grab it at The Warehouse Sale Event.
TATTOO – TAKE IT – EZ *Detroit Tattoo. Available soon!
POSE – Kokoro Poses *Shinobi Pose.


EYE BANDAGE – {PSYCHO:Byts} *Bandage Painful Eyes.

~Neo Japan Event is still ongoing and these items are available in the event:


HAIR – Ayashi *Tomei Hair.
OUTFIT –UNA *Mulan Outfit.
PROSTHETICS (ARMS)- Luas *Eleven Bionic Bento Arm.


HAIR – Raven Bell *River Hair.
ACCESSORIES – RichB *Kurenai Hirpin.
OUTFIT- Luas *Hidemi Outfit.
PROSTHETICS (LEGS) – Tentacio *Amashi Set.


BACKDROP – Boild Egg *Cyber Jinya Gacha.

.The Purge.

September 2020
.The Purge.

Blessed be our New Founding Fathers and America, a nation reborn. May God be with you all.


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・


MASK – | TANAKA | *Legion Mask. Grab it at The Arcade Event.
OUTFIT – KitCat *Edgy Outfit. Necklace and Earrings sold separately. Grab it at Flora Event .

~Available at Neo Japan Event:

WEAPON – [The Forge] *Helion Sword.
BACKDROP – The Bearded Guy *Red Dragons – Mada Koko

GLOVES – Haro *Panther Gloves


August 2020


That set-the-whole-fucking-world-on-fire-look and badass vibes!

~Still trying to keep up with my blog deadlines and other SL commitments while busy working in RL T_T

Please bear with me and thank you for the people who always liked my pictures and always leave comments. I appreciate you all!


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・


HAIR – Sintiklia *Junko Hair.
EYEBROWS – Momoiro//Yami *Minori Eyebrows.
EYELASHES – Mukado *Mimi Lashes (Genus/Lelutka). Exclusive item for The Girl Power Event.
OUTFIT – | TANAKA | *Banisutsu Gacha RARE Outfit. Bunny Ears and Arm Cuffs
BODY & HAND SCARS – HISS *Mark Me & Shiner Hands.
TATTOO – TAKE IT -EZ *Antigrafos Theos Tattoo.
PROP (RIGHT HAND) – Kokoro Poses *Cyber Cube Animation Gacha RARE 2. Available in Cyber Fair Event.
BACKDROP – .Paleto. *Boarding House Backdrop. Grab it at Level Event.

~ Project Desolation Event is now open! Grab these items:

MASK – Rokins *H5N1 Mask.
NECK WOUND – [Moonphase] *Slit Throat.

HEAD – Genus * Baby Face
EARS – Swallow *Darkness Ears
NAILS – e.marie// *Mix & Match Coffin – Midnight Madam
PROP (LEFT HAND) – Graveyard *Bloody Shovel


August 2020

FLICKR: .🙈🙉🙊.

Can’t See, Can’t Hear nor Can Speak


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・


SKIN – ODIO *Jennie Skin Gacha RARE 2 Tone2.
OUTFIT & ACCESSORIES – KitCat *Astrid Gacha RARE1 Outfit and Alien Bag RARE2. Common Gachas includes Astrid Earrings Holo and Astrid Goggles. This items is available at Loot Box Event .

NAILS – Stunner Originals *Bento Nails Mesh Ballerina Long Kyandi. Available at The Girl Power Event.

HEAD – Genus Baby Face W001.

HAIR – Kuni Serenity Hair.
SHOES – [Vale Koehr] *Thermal Heels.


SKIN – ODIO *Loopy Skin Tone2.
GLASSES – | TANAKA | *Sutaraito Shitsuren Glasses – Pink RARE 21. Grab the item at Flora Event.
TOP – | TANAKA | *Essencial Hoodie RARE 17.
PET – Moon Rabbit *Mr. Chouchyo.

HEAD – Genus *Baby Face W001.
HAIR – Monso *Lena Hair.
BOTTOM – -PixiCat- *High Waist Shorts.


SKIN – Revoul *Girl Fair – Heiress Skin (Genus/Catwa/Lelutka/BOM). Available in Equal10.
GLASSES – | TANAKA | *Sutaraito Cloud Glasses – Starlight RARE 22. Available in Flora Event.
BOTTOM – BOMI *Lisa Cargo Jeans – Navy (Maitreya Lara). Available in Flora Event.

NAILS – Stunner Originals *Bento Nails Mesh Ballerina Long Kyandi. Available at The Girl Power Event.
EARRINGS – Namo. *Elara Earrings. Available at The Girl Power Event.

HAIR – Monso *Babi Hair.
TOP – Pare *Jessica Top.
JACKET – Pare *Lowe Puffer Coat.
SHOES – Semller *Triceratops Platform.


BACKDROP – .Paleto. *Oakland City Backdrop. This item is available in Equal10 Event.
DECOR – Moon Rabbit *BabyCar.


July 2020

FLICKR: .Undead.

We felt no pain.
We saw no light.
We heard, but barely.
Our heart was still and silent.

Yet, we did not die.


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

SKIN – ODIO *Miso Skin Gacha Tone2.
HAT – **Worn in the Right: | TANAKA | *Kowai Neko Hat. Exclusive item for Flora Event .
FACE & HAND TATTOO – HISS *Cig Burns (BOM/Omega/ Maitreya/Belleza) & Shiner Hands (BOM/OMEGA).
FACE WOUND – Piscot Beauty *Hurt Me Scar (BOM/Genus/Omega).
EYELINER & EYEBROWS – Momoiro//Yami *Naoko Eyebrow (Genus/BOM) & Koumori Eyeliner (Genus & BOM).
EYE TATTOO – Momoiro//Yami *Lung Tattoo (Genus/BOM).

HAIR – CAMO *Danai Dreads. Grab it at Project Desolation Event.

~ The items I used for this scene was so cool! Grab these items at Aenigma Event:

HAT – **Worn in the Left: | TANAKA | *Paradox Hat. ::Static:: *Nightmariner’s Lamp.
EYE PATCH – Badwolf *Evil Eyepatch.
PIPE – Normandy *Refurbished Pipe (Smoke & Bubbles Effect).

BACKDROP – .Paleto. *Base XH4. This item is also available in Project Desolation Event.

HEAD – Genus *Baby Face W001
EYES -[Rosier] *Eclipse Eyes
OUTFIT – Pixicat *Elena Outfit
NAILS – e.marie// *Midnight Madam

.The Haunting Girls.

July 2020

Silly Boys! We collect bones not barbies.

~*evil laugh* Nah. I’m just kidding xD I tried to combined 3 photos in this post and its so hard T_T Thumbs up to all the great bloggers who really take their time on editing their pictures. Teach me Senpais! :3


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・


SKIN – ODIO *Nabi Skin Tone2 RARE Gacha (Genus/BOM). ULTRA RARE & RARE Skins comes with Blush, Lipstick, Eyeliner and Eyeshadow. Exclusive item for The Kawaii Project.
EYESHADOW – Momoiro//Yami *Highway to hell Eyeshadow.
EYELASHES – .Sweetly. *Lori Lashes (Genus/Lelutka). Available in The 4 Seasons Event.
FACE & BODY TATTOO – TAKE IT -EZ *Nikonhoku Tattoo. Face Tattoo only works with BOM and Omega Applier. Grab it at Harajuku Event.
FACE WOUND – Piscot Beauty *Hurt Me Scar (BOM/Genus/Omega).
OUTFIT – =Zenith= *Fishnet Crop Top & Harness Chain Shorts. Grab it at Equal10.
BAG – .Blume. *Paloma Bag Gacha. Available in Flora Event.

HEAD – Genus *Classic Face W002
HAIR – Monso *Lalisa Hair
RINGS – [kunst] *Hazel Rings Set
SHOES – Pure Poison *Karleen Sneakers


SKIN – ODIO *Xan Skin Gacha Tone2.
EYEBROWS – Momoiro//Yami *Minori Eyebrows – Knifed Right (BOM/GENUS Tintable). Grab it in Harajuku Event.
MASK – +Dreamcatcher+ Mask of Priest Gacha (Unisex). Available in The Epiphany Event.

TOP – {HimeDream} *Yami Neko Top (Red).
CHOKER – | TANAKA | *Choker Black #18.
PROPS – | TANAKA | *Gurei Bat Black #10.
FACE & ARMS TATTOO – HISS *Cig Burns (BOM/Omega/ Maitreya/Belleza).

LEGS WOUND – Piscot Beauty *High Knee Scar (BOM/Omega).
POSE – Momoiro//Yami *Kurumu Pose 3. Grab it in Harajuku Event.

HEAD – Genus *Baby Face W001
EYES – -bus- * Arcadya Eyes (Blacks)
HAIR – Kuni *Teresa Classic V4
SHORTS – Villena *Split Denim Shorts (Black)
SOCKS – [VALE KOER] *Thermal Socks
SHOES – [VERSOV] *Kaizov Limited Grey


SKIN – ODIO *Xan Skin Gacha Tone2.
CHOKER – | TANAKA | *Choker Black #18.
OUTFIT – | TANAKA | *Gakko Top & Skirt – DarkSide RARE.
FACE TATTOO – TAKE IT -EZ *Leviathan Face Tattoo (BOM/Omega).
POSE – Momoiro//Yami *Kurumu Pose 1. Grab it in Harajuku Event.

HEAD – Genus * Baby Face W001
EYE BLUSH – Just Magnetized *Eye Blush 03
HAIR – Stealthic *Chiffon Hair & Clips
HORNS – Avi-Glam *Demon Horns
NAILS – Toksik *Lunar Nails
SHOES – [VALE KOER] *Thermal Boots


COMPANION – ANDORE . Exclusive item for Man Cave Event.

BACKDROP – Paleto *Check-in Loft


June 2020

FLICKR: .Hide.

Hide! They’re coming.


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

SKIN – ODIO *Miso Skin Gacha RARE2 (Genus/BOM). Available at Equal10 Event.
TOP – KitCat *Flowtorn Tee. Available in Cosmopolitan Event .
FACE TATTOO & ACCESSORIES – Revoul *Love me Like Face Tattoo & Septum Ring.
PANTS – | TANAKA | *Fittonesu Pants
TATTOO (BODY) – TAKE IT -EZ *Living Life Tattoo

—————————- ❤

HEAD – Genus *Strong Face Gift

HAIR – Doux *Lulu Hairstyle
EYE BLUSH – Just Magnetized *Eye Blush Set 03
CHOKER – e.marie// *Lexi Chokers
RINGS – Swallow *Runway Bento Rings
SOCKS – [VALE KOER] *Thermal Socks
SHOES – [VERSOV] *Kaizov Limited

BACKDROP – Minimal *Subway Station Backdrop. Available at Equal10 Event.


June 2020

I wasn’t born normal. I wasn’t born like anyone else.

~I originally take this with Fiona but she crashed and I thought she’s not coming back, that’s why I took a solo shot. Don’t hate me T_T

—————————- ❤


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

ACCESSORIES – | TANAKA | *Ghoul Mask & Rinkaku from Aogiri Gacha Set. Available at the The Arcade Event.
OUTFIT – | TANAKA | *Seifuku Gacha Outfit

Fiona‘s OOTD:

MASK – | TANAKA | *Ghoul Mask from Aogiri Gacha Set
OUTFIT – | TANAKA | *Seifuku Gacha Outfit
KNIFE- | TANAKA | *Keikoku Gacha
SOCKS – | TANAKA | *Shattered Gacha Set
—————————- ❤

HEAD – Genus *BabyFace W001
HAIR – Amitomo *Be my love gacha hair RARE
KNIFE – Mug *murder gacha 03
NAILS – Toksik *Lunar Nails
SOCKS – Haro *Open Toe Socks
SHOES – Bleich *Fear Sneakers
BACKDROP – The Bearded Guy *Mistery Market


May 2020

You better run.. I’m coming for you.

—————————- ❤

・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

SKIN – ODIO *Xan Skin Gacha. Available at Flora Event .
HAIR – Tram *J0513a Hair.
TOP – | TANAKA | *Berisho Cropped Top.
BOTTOM – +Dreamcatcher+ *Kiki Mini Skirt. Available at Whimsical Event .
POSE – Kokoro Poses *Lexie Bento Poses.

—————————- ❤

HEAD – Genus * BabyFace W0001

HEAD – Genus * BabyFace W0001
TONGUE – [CerberusXing] *Bloody Tongue
BRUISES – -bus- *Hurt baby make up
EARS – Momochuu *Daoko Ears
EARRINGS – e.marie// *Regan Earrings
RINGS – Candy Crunchers Moon Bento Ring
Bandage – [Rosier] Kizu Bandages. Available at Flora Event .

SHOES – Haro Diesel Shoes. Available at Engine Room Event .
SOCKS – Haro Open Toe Socks
BACKDROP – PALETO *Meeting Point

—————————- ❤


May 2020


.•♫•♬•SONG •♬•♫•.
—————————- ❤


・゚🎀 Featuring ðŸŽ€ï¾Ÿï½¥

EARS – ANDORE *Minada Mesh Ears [PRO]
OUTFIT – | TANAKA | *Nagasode Set

HEAD – Genus *Strong Gift Head
HAIR & CAP – TaketomiWest *Devyn – The Hills Hair
EYELASHES – Evermore *Jiao Lashes
BANDAID – kotte *colour bandaid
SOCKS – Haro *Open Toe Socks
SHOES – Bleich *Fear White
POSE – [Dope+Mercy] *GIFT POSE
—————————- ❤

Chrollo Lucifer OOTD:

HAIR – Dura *U97 Hair
EARS – L’etre *Basic Mesh Ears
EARRINGS – Arise* Ear Chains & CHU-ING* Steel Heart
NECKLACE – {COLD-ASH} *Weston Necklace
FOOTWEAR – [VALE KOER] *Lifestyle Flipflops
TOP – EK *Josh Mesh Jacket with Shirt
PANTS – .etiquette. *Zane’s Shorts & Leggings Black
BAG – CA *Vintage Backpack
BANDAID – kotte *basic bandaid
MASK – | TANAKA | *Kinzoku Dark Side 17 RARE
BAT – | TANAKA | *Gurei Bat Black 10
—————————- ❤